October 2021 General Membership Meeting

Analyzing Documents and Sources for Genealogical Research -  Forming Sound Genealogical Conclusions and Maximizing Indirect Evidence

Tuesday, October 12th @ 6:30 PM

Join the African American Genealogy Group for our October 2021 General Member Meeting. In the first part of this program we will discuss the key elements of genealogical sources, information, and evidence. We will break down the necessary methods to properly analyze and interrupt the information contained in your family’s records. We will discuss how the storage of a record can affect the credibility of its contents. 
In the second part of this program we will look at case studies in order to examine the more sophisticated issues of source evaluation. We will look at the research methods necessary to extract all the information contained in genealogical sources.  We will explore how to assemble and combine pieces of information from various sources to form sound genealogical conclusions and maximize indirect evidence.

Sydney Cruice Dixon

Be sure to join us for this month’s meeting to get expert advice from Sydney Cruice Dixon, professional genealogist, writer and national lecturer. Sydney is a faculty member for the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research of the Georgia Genealogical Society. She is also the Program Coordinator and a faculty member of the Researching Family in Pennsylvania Institute of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. In addition, she developed the curriculum and teaches the Foundations of Genealogy courses at HSP.

She is the current President of the Association of Professional Genealogists for the Greater Philadelphia Area Chapter, and she serves on the Genealogy Advisory Committee for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 

Sydney cofounded the Greater Philadelphia Genealogy Consortium in 2017 – an organization that encourages the growth and cooperation between genealogy and historical organizations in the greater Philadelphia area (currently 31 member organizations). 

In October 2018 Sydney’s article, “A Family Secret: Desertion, Scurvy, and President Lincoln” was the featured in NGS Magazine.  She holds an MBA from Drexel University and a BA from Penn State University.

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