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African American Genealogy Group of Philadelphia is one of the best organizations for African Americans living in the Philadelphia and Tri-State area to research their ancestral history and begin their genealogy search.


We are a diverse community of researchers, historians, and amateur sleuths who can help you discover the paths of your ancestors. From intensive learning workshops to volunteer opportunities and special events, we offer a wide range of events to help you along your genealogy journey.


Through a combination of partnerships, community engagement, and specialized programming, we provide education and community for people interested in researching and sharing African American family history.


Free and discounted tickets to members-only intensive learning workshops, educational seminars and select national conferences.

A dedicated mentor for a limited time to help guide new members on their genealogy journey.

A new Member Tote Bag to keep your genealogy goodies safe!

A thriving community of genealogy enthusiasts, researchers, historians excited to learn and share experiences and information.

Access to members-only Genealogy Special Interest Group Meetings, where members get help from our member genealogists, and additional learning experiences from local experts.

Access to a digital copy of our newly updated Member Manual with loads of invaluable information and genealogy forms.

Access to the Surname Directory which allows members to search and connect with potential member relations.

Access to volunteer opportunities and partnerships with local organizations.

Access to our quarterly newsletters filled with genealogy tips and techniques, information about African American history and genealogical case studies.

Newly updated Member Manual

By joining right now, you’ll get immediate access to a digital copy of the newly updated AAGG Member Manual for all levels of genealogy researchers. We guarantee that there’s a little something for everyone in this guide to all things genealogy.


The AAGG Member Manual covers everything to help new researchers get started on their family journeys, while also providing helpful research spanning a myriad of related genealogy topics from land records to advanced research tips, lists of genealogy resources, links to religious databases, genealogy forms and so much more.




Membership is for one (1) aged 26 & under.



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Membership for up to two (2) adult individuals and two (2) children.



Lifetime Membership is for one (1) individual.
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