First Meeting in the Books!

The first meeting of the 2018-2019 year was held on September 11, 2018, at Pinn Memorial Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA.

Introducing the New Mission

President Adrienne Whaley kicked off the season by introducing the new AAGG Mission & Vision Statements. These were developed in conjunction with the Executive Committee over the summer. The Executive Committee was introduced along with the Committee Chairs. She then made an appeal to those attending to volunteer to assist with one or more committees.

September Meeting Program

The September meeting covered the need to develop a genealogy research plan. “Ordering Your Research Steps for Success” was presented, including:

  • Using the Right Tools to Collect the Right Materials
  • Plan to Be Organized
  • Start With Yourself and Work Backwards
  • Interview Those Whos Memories are Most Fragile
  • Develop a Timeline and Study Historical Context
  • Problem-Solve Brick Walls.

The genealogy research plan was described as determining:

  • What do I want to know?
  • What Do I Already Know And How Do I Know It?
  • What Is My Hypothesis?
  • What Steps Can I Take to Answer This Question?
  • To Prove / Disprove My Hypothesis?
  • What Resources Should I Check for Information?