Volunteer Opportunity

Chew Family Papers Project: Emancipating Cliveden


Cliveden House, Germantown, PA

Become a part of the Emancipating Cliveden project - and discover the stories of the enslaved and servants of Cliveden and the Chew Family.

Many of you have heard of Cliveden, the family country seat and summer retreat of the prominent Chew Family in the mid to late-18th century. Over the last two decades, researchers have been pouring over voluminous amounts of documents to better understand the scope and the stories of the enslaved and servants of the Cliveden residence and Chew Family. The project, "Emancipating Cliveden", is seeking assistance from AAGG to help identify uncover and decipher stories of people of African descent in soon-to-be transcribed and digitized portions of the Chew Family Papers.

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Volunteer Opportunity: Chew Family Papers Project - Emancipating Cliveden