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May 2020 General Member Meeting
Presentation on Understanding and Using DNA Test Results
Originally recorded on May 12, 2020
Speaker: Shannon Christmas
Bio: Shannon Christmas, is an experienced genealogist specializing in genetic, colonial American, and African-American genealogy in Virginia and the Carolinas. He serves as a 23andMe Ancestry Ambassador, administrator of The Captain Thomas Graves of Jamestown Autosomal DNA Project, and as a co-administrator of The Hemings-Jefferson-Wayles-Eppes Autosomal DNA Project and The Macon DNA Project. A genetic genealogy instructor on the faculty of The Midwest African American Genealogy Institute, Shannon has a special interest in harnessing the power of autosomal DNA to verify and extend pedigrees, assess the veracity of oral history, and reconstruct ancestral genomes.
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Presentation Description

Have you used a DNA test, received your results and were unsure on how to best interpret them? Well, we have a solution for you! In this presentation, we discuss on how to understand and best use DNA test results.

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