January Member Meeting: Adrienne Whaley on “Digging into City Directories”

McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory for the Year 1849

This month’s General Membership meeting will feature AAGG’s President-elect, Adrienne Whaley on “Digging into City Directories”.

City Directories and similar publications can be treasure-troves of information for family history researchers. Not only might they contain information about your family in between federal census years, but they also contain valuable information about your family’s neighbors and community. In this presentation, Adrienne will use examples from her own family research to explore the many ways that city directories can be a boon for genealogists, plus how and where to find them, and tips and tricks for using them.

McElroy’s Philadelphia City Directory, Vol. 1848

Hope to see you on Tuesday, January 14th at 6:30 PM!