AAGG Committees

Archives Committee

Preserves the organization's history through cataloging, preserving, and establishing a repository for AAGG material and family histories.​

Archives Chair

Brice Showell

Fundraising Committee

Develops and coordinates fundraising ideas, activities, and resources to support the organization.

Fundraising Chair

Newsletter Committee

Writes and distributes a quarterly newsletter featuring articles about African American history, genealogy case studies, genealogy tips, and organizational events.​

Newsletter Chair

Robert Scott

Publicity Committee

Develops and distributes public relations materials for media use. The committee keeps the public informed of AAGG goals and activities.

Publicity Chair

Brenda Clark

Sunshine Committee

Serves as the ambassador of goodwill for AAGG members, maintains a birthday list of AAGG members, recognizes and acknowledges the life events of AAGG members, and provides remembrances of the same with the approval of Executive Board.​

Sunshine Chair

Diane Sheldon

Communications Committee

Provides the Corresponding Secretary a forum from which to present a synopsis of all communications (phone, mail, and email) to AAGG at all meetings.​

Communications Chair

Marilla Shepherd

Membership Committee

Works with the Treasurer to review AAGG’s financial status and budget.


Wilburt Rucker
Diane Sheldon

Nominating Committee

Responsible for preparing a slate of candidates to hold an Executive role.


Speakers Bureau Committee

Coordinates incoming requests for speakers from AAGG and delivers presentations.

Speakers Bureau

Dean Henry
Robert Scott

Technology Committee

Responsible for the setup and maintenance of AAGG’s website, educating members on the latest software, hardware, and genealogy website use.


Dean Henry
Natasha Scott

Finance Committee

Works with the Treasurer to review AAGG’s financial status and budget.

Finance Chair

Velinda D. Banks

Mentoring Committee

Works to help new members settle into the organization and feel a part of it as they acclimate to AAGG through knowledge transfer and to boost retention.

Mentoring Co-Chairs

Dean Henry
Robert Scott

Program Committee

Arranges the programming schedule for AAGG and works with speakers from the local and regional area for our monthly member meetings.

Program Chair

Adrienne Whaley

States Group Committee

Coordinates and helps plan activities of various States Groups. The committee maintains research materials by states.

States Group Chair

Diane Sheldon
Robert Scott